Skin Care

Skin care - Facial treatment

soft Facial:

 shine and freshness to the skin in 30 minutes

  • peeling of the skin and  steam to remove dead cells
  • Mask to remove impurities from the face
  • Mask to remove impurities from the face

wellness Facial:

Give your skin vitality and freshness unmatched

  • Deep exfoliation of the epidermis with steam.
  • Remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cells to renewal .
  • Mask  to help removing  impurities from the pores.
  • Mask as per skin type or condition 
  • Removing the excess fate and sebum 


Elit facial

Enjoy pure , fresh ,young skin,and  radiant eyes

  • deep peeling of the skin with steam
  • Remvoe of the dead cells to stimulate  a new fresh and healthy cells. 
  • A purufying mask to remove the impurities.
  • clean and remove all the excess oil and sebum
  • vitamin C mask
  • anti-fatigue eyes mask
  • mask as per skin type or condition.

Elixir Facial:

Shiny , glowing, and radiant skin for a special look.

  • Deep peeling of the skin with steam.
  • A purifying mask to remove the impurities
  • Vaccuum to remove excess oil and sebum.
  • black heads extraction.
  • high frequency to clean, sterilize, the pores and acne.
  • a nutrient mask as per skin need  (moisturizing, lifting and firming, anti-fatigue, anti-aging).

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