Hair care

اHair Cut, Blow Dry , & Hair Dye

Hair Care
Hair cut
Hair dry
Hair cut with dry hair
Hair cut (Machine)
Children hair cut
Hair dye
Hair stripping (decapage)
Hi-lite or low - lite
Braiding hair
Curly hair
Hair and scalp treatments

Hair care
Bath oil for hair
Hair Oil bath with natural aloe Vera
Treatment of damaged hair
Argan bath oli for hair (REVLON)
Elite mask (elite)
Enayati mask
Botox mask
Collagen mask
Argan mix
chin care and face masks

chin care
care chin(bymachine)
Chin dye
Drawing goatee(dye)
Drawing chin (dye)
Chin threat
Threat entire face
Full face wax
Wax for nose and ear
Patch to clean the nose
Peel-off mask (algues and menthe) (ATTIRANCE)
Peel-off mask gold (ATTIRANCE)
Peel-off mask black currant (Vit C) (ATTIRANCE)
Dead sea mud mask (ATTIRANCE )
Mask dead sea mud and honey
Skin care session from (keenwell)
Make up for photography
Full beard bleaching (yellow, golden)
Full beard bleaching + color (grey, light yellow)
Beard highlight + color (yellow, light yellow )
crazy color (blue, green, purple....)
Chin Care & Face Masks - ELITE


Chin care
chin Care (by machine)
Chin Dye
Goatee Drawing (dye)
Chin Drawing (dye)
Chin - threat
Full Face Threat
Full Face Wax
Nose & Ear Waxing
Patch Nose clean
Peel-off mask (algues and menthe) (ATTIRANCE)
Peel-off mask gold (ATTIRANCE)
Peel-off mask black currant (Vit C) (ATTIRANCE)
Dead sea mud mask (ATTIRANCE )
Dead sea mud and honey Mask
Skin care session By (Clarins men)
Make up for photography
Freshness and Brightness of the eyes
Soothing Sensitive Skin
Purifying Oily Skin
Skin Mask - Ultra freshness and brightness
Vitamin C Skin session
Hair Cut, Blow Dry, & Hair Dye - Elite

Hair Care
Hair Cut
Hair Dry
Hair Cut & Blow Dry
Hair Cut (machine)
Children Hair Cut
Hair Dye
Hair Decapage
High Light Or Low Light
Hair Braiding
Curly Hair
Hair & Scalp Treatments - Elite

Hair care
Hair bath oil
Hair natural Aloe Vera bath oil
Damaged Hair Treatment
Hair Argan's bath oil by (REVLON)
Elite Hair mask (Elite)
Enayati Hair mask
Botox Hair mask
Collagen Hair mask
Argan mix blended Hair mask
Hair straighten and keratin

Hair care
Relax Hair Treatment
Extenso hair straighten by (L'OREAL )
Keratin express
Hair straighten and keratin by - Elite

Hair care
Hair Relax treatment
Extenso Hair straighten by (L'OREAL )
Organic plasma (kerarganic)
Elite collagen (Elite)
Amazon protein (Amazon)
Hair BB botox (BB creme)
Nano gold protein (marroco golden plus)
Diora keratin (KERATHERAPY)
Keratin formawell (Formawell)
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Men Beauty Consultants

Enayati is the first integrated center in saudi arabia to take care of the appearance of the man and the elegance of the physical aspects of the smallest details of the high level with various relevant technical skills and scientific disciplines.