Moroccan Bath

Body peeling and honey bath

deep peeling of the body gives the softness and freshness to the skin. Honey has many benefits for the skin. It helps to purify the skin and is used to treat eczema, psoriasis and acne as it has anti-bacterial properties. Honey helps relieve skin dryness and cracks in the feet. It also helps the freshness of the skin

Body scrub enjoy gold

This body scrub is a tantalizing gold shimmering body scrub mixing high quality active ingredients and subtle sensual amber accents the texture glides smoothly on skin surface to gently exfoliate rich in caviar extract, golden jojoba oil and in grape seed oil, natural moisturizers for the skin, this body scrub releases it's numerous benefits and soften the skin by the gentle exfoliation of sugar cane. Those ingredients intensify the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time slow down the aging process by moisturizing. caviar is a key ingredient to skin cell regeneration.

Fruit cocktail covering mask Moroccan bath

It is containing abstract for 8 kinds of important fruits for the health and safety which freshness the skin through fruits mixed with dead sea minerals to maintain the balance of skin moisture and help to stimulate the vital processes of cells of the skin to restore its vitality and youth

Dead sea mud with honey covering mask Moroccan bath

Mask of the body contains more than 35 beauty minerals which maintain skin freshness and softness, beauty, and makes it a more youthful, healthier and helps the treatment of arties, tendonitis-sand muscle stiffness. Treating atrophy and improves bone cells and cells within the joints generally and to increase fluid production within the joints

lavender body peeling bath

Deep peeling of the body gives the softness and freshness to the skin as a buffer for many benefits where it is: Many diseases are treated like insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, stress, bronchitis, dyspnea, skin eczema, kill bacteria, remove sweat odor, and help heal wounds quickly. Reinforced sex. Relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, and soothes the nerves. Sleep disorder goes

Amber body peeling

Amber is a fossilized organic matter formed thousands of years ago from extinct pine trees. Amber has an odor that burns when it is burned or rubbed by the hands. The amber peeler is a deep cleansing of the body and contributes to its sweet smell in the treatment of some respiratory diseases. It is also a pain reliever and gives a great relaxation for the body

Flowers body peeling

This bath is effective for gentle peeling with sensitive skin without causing any irritation or sensitivity where the roses is considered to be the most important tranquilizers for skin infections

Cranberry body peeling

Enjoy more clarity and purity skin through this natural peeling containing rich vitamins and amino acids.

Activate the body's session

A wonderful highly refreshing and active feeling and deeply cleaning by peeling with salt and mint and jojoba oil, then applying mud mask and tonic then moisturizer and protection cream

chamomile body peeling bath

Chamomile has amazing therapeutic properties, it accelerates healing process from minor wounds and works to cleanse them and reduce the irritation of the skin, especially from sunburn. Chamomile is excellent for whitening the skin in a natural way and helps fight acne.

Ood fragrance Moroccan bath

Let your oozes with luxury ood fragrance and shin in the night of marriage by this wonderful bathroom gives you unparalleled clean for body and recreation through a basin which is full of sea minerals that helps you to relax your muscles and nerves and disinfecting and sterilizing sensitive areas and kill bacteria , fungi, in order to provide your skin by youthfulness and vital natural beauty where your body would be covered by mixture of incense mixed with a luxurious mud and a wood (royal mixed or Cambodian fragrance ) and then the body is being perfumed by finest types of incense

Detoxification Bath PHYTOMER

This bath includes peeling with marine salts extracts. This peel is rich in marine salts that remove the dead cells and provide the necessary elements to polish the skin and contribute to the treatment of dryness, especially in the heels, knees and elbows for a soft skin texture, and then packaging with thermal clay, Which extracts the skin from all the toxins it contains by containing the clay on negative electrical charges, reversing the toxins carrying positive electrical charges where the negative charges pull the positive and thus withdraw the toxins out of the body through the pores , and mud is also an effective ingredient that absorbs excess water from the skin, as well as thermal mud provides the local warmth for the body, which improves blood circulation and relieve the pain of joints and muscles

Enayati freshness bath

 This private bathroom combines relaxation with a Jacuzzi with warm water and deep body cleansing through the use of peeled sugar, she a butter and natural oils, and body mask to lighten the dark areas and moisturize the skin

Flowers Moroccan bath

Awaken your senses by admirable charming scents that caresses the senses and enhance the feeling of joy and happiness, where everybody likes the smell of fragrant roses. this luxurious bathroom consisting of a mixture of dried roses from finest types of rose water and fat roses which helps you relax and string then your memory as well as the aesthetic benefits for the skin

Golden care program

Enjoy the golden care Enayati through a combination of gold and honey and caviar with essence of three oils (jojoba, bitter almonds and sunflower oil) where the body is being rubbed after Moroccan bath, by golden cover and sugar grains then by cream gold and honey massage, which gives high energy to body with a cell renewal and antiaging and dry body oil to protect skin with high protection and ultra-moisturizing

Jasmine peeling bath

This luxurious peeler consists of Dead Sea salt grains, Jasmine flower oil and Shea butter. This gives the skin great softness, great hydration and long dryness. It also helps eliminate the effects of aging such as wrinkles. It also eliminates scars and acne. It is also used as a general disinfectant. Kill microbes and bacteria. Jasmine smell helps to get rid of depression, tension and stress, which makes you feel relaxed

almonds and pistachios peeling Bath

This peeling bath has many benefits: it resists aging signs, moisturizes the skin and eliminates dry skin. It contains antioxidants responsible for the beauty, freshness and softness of the skin. It also hides the effects of burns and eliminates the dark spots of the skin

apricot body peeling bath

Apricot works to remove dead cells and fight wrinkles and cracks and the effects of aging on the skin because it is rich in many antioxidants and helps the skin to get rid of the drought and also works to lighten the dark areas

Traditional Moroccan Bath

Work to clean the body and get rid of dead cells accumulated on the body also helps to relax fatigue resulting from daily pressures of work

Moroccan Herbal Bath


Featured by rich Moroccan with a mixture of herbs mixed with aromatic oils which are distributed on the body after process of removing dead cells from the skin, in order to tighten the skin and get rid of a no fatty separators.

Salt and lemon Moroccan Bath

As well as for its role in exfoliation and cleansing and disinfection of the skin and removing fungi and bacteria that causes bad smell, it has a significant minerals which helps cells to complete several has a significant minerals which cells to complete several processes such as the body's water balance and energy, in order to make the best use of enzymes found in blood, that mixtures contains the best use of enzymes found in blood, that mixtures contains vitamin (C) which makes the skin more beautiful and fresh

Marine Algae Moroccan Bath

Anti-aging skin care: which removes toxins from skin and cleans and purify it, and also renew the skin, it has anti-inflammatory features which has a good effect for solving skin problems such as moisturizing, through formation of a layer on the skin which decreases the loss of moisturizing through evaporation process. The amino acids existing in marine algae are part of the flat skin layer which helps to maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the skin

Ginger Moroccan Bath

Natural composition gives a sense of warmth and relaxation pal which contributes to remove tensile muscular and joint pain ginger also helps to expel moisture from the body, as well as detox thieves after removing the dead cells from the skin pores and lighten.

Sidr Moroccan Bath (Special from Enayati Beauty scale)

Sidr brings us back to the era of ancient Arabs, where sidr was a common in treatment process which treats most skin problems such as pores and wounds, whitening skin dark areas. It is available three fragrance blends which are Artemisia, mint, and "bardakosh" plant. 

WARM cinnamon Moroccan bath

General tonic for the body fight bacteria and fungi, mixed with the smell of cinnamon which awaken the senses and it contains sea spar-kling minerals which have good effective to unify the color of the skin and kill bacteria that cause the sweet smell also it expels moisture from the body safely and effectively through heat resulting from Fizz process to make you enjoy a multitude of premium warm luxury

Grapefruit body peeling bath

Grapefruit contains a high amount of vitamins (A) and (c) as well as antioxidant minerals, giving the skin special benefits as it is moisturizing and removes the dead cells. It also stimulates the collagen ratio, giving the skin smoothness and flexibility. It also prevents the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots

Elite Moroccan bath

Herbs Moroccan bath and peeling
Sidr Moroccan bath and peeling
Cinnamon Moroccan bath and peeling
Algae Moroccan bath peeling
Ginger Moroccan bath peeling
Dead sea mud,Moroccan bath and peeling
Refresh Moroccan bath and peeling
Chocolate Moroccan bath and peeling
Dead sea mud and honey Moroccan bath and peeling
Fruit cocktail mask Moroccan bath and peeling
Lemon body peeling

That peeling contains citric acid located in lemon with oil jojoba and oil almond which is considered to be the most effective products in treatment of acne vulgaris and it's effects and to get rid of blackheads and spots and freckles as this bath works to moisturize and tighten skin and to get rid of wrinkles

Sweet orange body peeling

Orange elements with sugar and almond oil and orange flower oil on the skin purification from impurities and lighten skin color and the elimination of the effects of grain the spots dark as contribute smell oranges relieve stress and calm the nerves of

Dead sea mud Moroccan bath

Natural combination of dead sea mud is rich in minerals and elements which nourish the skin as it to include to absorb excess fat and works to deep clean the skin given to just heating objective where relieve muscle and threaten to nerves

Coffee body peeling

This ancient peeling with the sense of antiquity of coffee works to give the skin clean and freshness as it is an antioxidant and helps with moisturizing cream to keep the youth of the skin and protect it from external I factors

Chocolate body peeling bath

Chocolate entered the world of cosmetics , acquired this taste defend property skin as it contains ingredients to restore skin freshness and youth they contain a natural 200 useful most important antioxidants , moisturizing materials also helps to regenerate cells and have the ability to re-absorption and utilization of vitamins and nutrients  

Mint body peeling bath

Beneficial to all types of skin, gives cooler and refreshed skin which reduces irritation and redness as it is antiseptic and deep cleanser and eliminator of dead cells as well as tonic for blood circulation

Refresh Moroccan bath

A mixture of powder and tonic which activates skin cells with black soap and coolant gel for the body and is useful for the sensitive skin and is effective tonic for the blood circulation and helps to refresh mind to give it high concentration and also helping you feeling won-derful

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