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Whole body Care Service

Whole body Care Service

Enayati care center services is specialized in man skin and this muscles full at the hands of a specialized in communities eagerly retained its heritage of this art to the present day service includes: baths and massage types. It also features a care for the hands and feet, such as trim nails and strengthening with care high remove appendages skin

Special manicure
Enayati manicure
Royal manicure
Elte manicure
Paraffin for moisturizing hands
Chocolate mask for hands
Peeling hands with salt and lemon
Paraffin treatment Alessandro
Pedicure enayati
Clean the bottom of the feet
Paraffin moisturizing foot
Chocolate mask for the foot
Moisturizing foot with milk
Peeling foot with salt and lemon
Paraffin treatment alessandro

Enayati relaxing massage 60 min
Enayati relaxing massage 45 min
Enayati relaxing massage 30 min
Therapeutic massage 20 min
Sport massage 30 min
Slimming massage 30 min
Firming massage 30 min
Foot massage (reflexology) 20 min
Lymphatic drainage 60 min
Chinese massage 60 min
Indian massage with herbal oils 60 min
Hot stone massage 60 min
Massage gold cream and honey 60 min
Massage with argan oil 60 min
Massage with worm candle 60 min

Manicure& pedicure normal
Manicure& pedicure special
Manicure& pedicure Enayati
Paraffin (hands & legs)
Chocolate mask (hands & legs )
Peeling with salt and lemon (hands & legs )
Hand & legs paraffin treatment Alessandro